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Ballroom/Latin Dance

Welcome to International Latin and Ballroom Dance Studio. International Standard ballroom dance is English style and started catching on internationally in 1950s and 1960s and then came to be called International Style. It has been danced all over the world and most of the world uses international style exclusively.

It is required to purchase 4 lessons at a time. At the fourth lesson, your instructor evaluates your progress and determines the next step. Beginners start Bronze level with choreography. We may add open American dance style if that enhances students' personality.

There are two other options for solo dancers, solo wellness ballroom/Latin dance and solo workout ballroom/Latin dance, in addition to regular lessons. You can request either or both. Your instructor assists you in producing the best possible outcome.

Ballroom/Latin Dance

Discover the beauty of international style ballroom/Latin dance in Southern Maryland. Ballroom dance lifts our emotional spirits, keeps us socially connected and enhances our mental and physical fitness. Learn the core fundamentals of different types of ballroom/Latin dance while having fun.

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Ballroom/Latin Dance

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