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Workout Dance

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Add dancing workout to your exercise routines. The workout is fun and requires no partner. Why dance as fitness training? Dance fitness improves circulation, tones muscle, burns more calories than other traditional exercises and boost energy. Dancing also reduces your stress and increases balance and flexibility. You will notice that dancing helps you improve your mood, build stamina and keep you younger.

Dance as exercise

Dance fitness is a great form of exercise as it works major muscle group and provides an excellent cardio workout. Dancing is an artistic way to work out for all ages and all levels.

Fitness Classes

Cha Cha Dance Fitness Program

The cha cha is an excelent dance for fitness and wellness. The popular latin dancing...

Samba Dance Fitness Program

Samba dance requires endurance and flexibility. It is one of great dance exercises...

Mambo Dance Fitness Program

Dance mambo. Fast footwork of mambo dancing with points, kicks and...