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Studio Twelve Twelve has Dance Sport Social Club exclusively for singles. We know there are many singles who can not dance at all. However, we strongly believe social dancing expands a person's comfort zone and dancing offers an opportunity to communicate with others more easily and better. Dancing is one of the important social skills that young people and singles need to learn. The Studio Twelve Twelve would like to help you develop your skills and confidence.

The Dance Sport Social Club is an invitation only club, where singles can have healthy social life safely. No dance lesson will be provided during the social hour.

Here are the steps we ask you to take to become a member.

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You may meet other single professionals who are interested in networking and making new connections. The casual friendly atmosphere makes it easy to socialize. Engage yourself in dancing and socialization, and open your social life to a variety of new people.

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The Dance Sport Social Club is designed to bring together fun and active singles in a safe and relaxed environment. There is no pressure, everyone relaxes, and you can be yourself. If you're open to meeting new people and making new friends, we encourage you expand your social circle.

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