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Southern Maryland

Latin/Ballroom Dance Fitness Classes in Southern Maryland

Add Solo Latin/Ballroom Workout to your exercise routines. Dance fitness is an artistic way to work out and requires no partner. Why dance as fitness training?

Dance is the all over body toning exercise and the lesson is suitable for all ages. You can dance your way into great shape to Latin beats that you will just love to dance to. Even though the music is hot and exciting, you can move at your own pace, so do not be afraid to join us.

Solo Dance Fundamental Elements

Learn Latin/ballroom dance elements while doing dance exercise. have fun with the engaging Latin/ballroom dance combinations. No other fitness classes teach technical elements of dance with style. We place an emphasis on awarness of health and wellbeing.

Wellness Solo Dance

If you want to start slowly, we recommend wellness solo dance. Both wellness solo dance and solo dance workout teach international ballroom/Latin dance. If you also desire to learn social dance, we'd be happy to incorporate it in the lesson plan.

The cha cha and mambo are excellent dance for fitness and wellness. The popular Latin dancing is full of passion and energy with Cuban motion, which is incorporated in the solo dance class. You will learn the basic components of triple steps, rock steps and quick small steps throughout the workout, along with the variations of vibrant styling, as well.

A couple can take solo dance lessons without a partner to accelerate their progress.

Solo Dance Workout

Solo Latin Dance lessons focus on Latin dance movements, which inspire anyone from novice to advanced dancers.

Samba dance requires endurance and flexibility. Samba is one of great dance exercises you will enjoy. Samba has a quick beat that requires fast footwork. The main characteristics of the samba are samba bounce action, along with a rocking, swaying motion and rapid steps. Jive is also a high power dance you want to try.

Only private lessons are available. If you prefer group lessons, get your friends and create your own group lessons