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Solo Dancing Workout

With Instructor

Solo Dancing
Elegnat Workout

Have you given up dancing or delaying dance lessons just because you do not have a dance partner? Take private lessons for Solo Dancing or Workout.

The Dance Workout teaches you footsteps, foot position, footwork and much more. The training is to get beginners ready for ballroom/Latin dance lessons.

The Workout is also good for fitness. When you dance, you are able to burn anywhere from three to eight hundred calories per hour depending on the intensity of the session. Dancing is much more fun than pounding a treadmill. Dance your way into great shape.

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Solo Partner Dance

Social Dance


Formal Dance

Ballroom Dance
Latin Dance

Does the lesson teach how to dance with a partner?

Yes, you will start dancing even after the first lesson.

I am a single without a partner and never danced.

Social dance is fun and easy to learn. You can join the Dance Sport Social Club and expand your social circle.

I am a male athelete? Is this lesson good for me?

Absolutely. The training helps you strengthen and feel in control. Plus, you can learn dancing.

Solo Dance Workout

Workout/Fitness Dance

Ballroom Dance
Latin Dance

Does the lesson teach how to dance with a partner?

No. You will learn only footwork but eventually your partner dance will get stronger if you take this training. The footworks and foot positionins for ballroom/Latin dance are extremely important.

Do you teach techniqe?

Yes, but less information is provided than regular Ballroom/Latin lessons.

What's the defference between Workout and regular Ballroom/Latin?

The Workout Dance teaches only footworks and lets you prepare to take regular Ballroom/Latin lessons.

Can I take the regular Ballroom/Latin lessons instead of Workout Dance?

If you are serious about Ballroom/Latin dance, that is the right direction.

Is Workout beneficial for health?

Yes, a lot. Additionally, Studies found people who listened dance music had less cortisol and more antibodies.