Dance Fitness Studio

Twelve Twelve

Southern Maryland

Serendipity Dance

Mind-blowing fun lesson takes you to an essence of dancing for two-left feet and beginners, as well as seasoned dancers. Experience the process of short dance choreography for slow dance.

If you are two-left feet and have a messy coordination with a desire to try fun things, forget about foot works and basics. Let us show you how to move with a style. Beginners may need to take a few lessons to complete a short choreography, depending on your ability. You will definitely feel you dance like Fred and Ginger.

If you are seasoned dancer, learn new choreography to shine on dance floor.


What is serendipity dance?

The lesson is for those who

Want to take up a new hobby or exercise.
Are looking for something new or new challenge.
Are interested in a healthy activity.
Do not go out dancing but want to try dancing.
Are fun loving people.
Are Tired of boring dance routines.

Ginger Couple


Happy Single


I want to transform myself.
I am looking for something different.
I am interested in a crazy activity.
I go out dancing all night.
I am fun fun fun loving person.
I want to shine at parties.