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Studio Twelve Twelve

The Dance Fitness Studio Tweive Twelve is thrilled to offer international style ballroom/Latin dance lessons to adults and kids/youth. The studio is open to couples and singles of all ages. Our services include private and group lessons for social dance, workout/fitness dance, wedding dance, choreography, solo dance, corporate dance and wellness dance. As part of community service, Singles Social Club is also available here in St. Mary's County, Southern Maryland.

We are ballroom/Latin dance specialists and both private and group lessons are available. Professional instructions focus on movements, technique, connection, posture, fundamentals and choreography. When you take group lessons, having fun and connection with other students are uppermost in our mind and that reflects in our lesson plans. Experience the unique dance instruction that stands out from other pack.

Don't delay taking dance lessons just because you have no partner. Take Solo Dance lessons and dance with an instructor. You will feel your heart dancing as well.

Get ready to shape up and learn some fun new moves for ballroom/Latin/social and fitness dance. The Studio TWELVE TWELVE is where you can dance and exercise in a hands-on, creative and fun environment.

The fitness dance classes are for the sake of wellness. You will learn Latin steps and movements without a partner. Come and learn about food, life style, mind and body and more to reach your best health condition.

We think First Dance should be fun and memorable but many couples say it was a nerve wrecking event. Let us help you and your family with your once in your life event.

Singles can join Dance Sport Social Club, where you can dance and socialize with like-minded people. The Studio Twelve Twelve is a smoke and alcohol free social club. Quality singles choose our club because you can be yourself in the cozy and friendly studio. Enjoys yourself and make new friendships.

The Dance Fitness Studio TWELVE TWELVE is located at 23476 Three Notch Road, California in St. Mary's County, Southern Maryland. Come to our dance fitness studio and kick up your heels.

Please contact us at 301.481.8551 or email us for further information.

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Fitness Readyness Dance

Workout Dance

Add dancing workout to your exercise routines. The workout is fun and requires no partner. Why dance as fitness training?

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Dance Fitness

Cha Cha Dance Fitness Program

The cha cha is an excelent dance for fitness and wellness. The popular latin dancing...

Mambo Dance Fitness Program

Dance mambo. Fast footwork of mambo dancing with points, kicks and...

Samba Dance Fitness Program

Samba dance requires endurance and flexibility. It is one of great dance exercises...

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Casual Formal Dance

Social Dance

Social dance is fun and a must to learn. Even a person without a partner can take lessons. Take a look at the list of social dance...

Ballroom Dancing

Fall in love with ballroom dance/Latin Dance movements. Twelve Twelve is the dance studio, specializing in ballroom dance lessons...

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Ballroom/Social Dance

Wedding Dance

We are wedding dance experts. Let us part of your wedding plan...

Singles Dance

Join the Dance Sport Social Club to expand your social circle...

Fun Group Dance

Create your own group lessons. Celebrate your special day, meet up with your friends...

Flash Mob for Two-Left Feet
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Special Ballroom Dance Lessons

Wedding Dance Lessons
Wedding Dance/First Dance Private Lessons
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