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Wedding Dance Lesson

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$120 Per hour with choreography

Wedding Dance
First Dance

Congratulations on your engagement. Your wedding festivities present a once in a lifetime opportunity to feature your wedding dancing in the spotlight. We believe the FIRST DANCE is the most romantic, sacred and intimate moment of the wedding reception which truly demonstrates your unity and harmony. Therefore, we feel honored to be part of creating such a beautiful memory.

We are dedicated to working with you to create an impressive dance that embodies the spirit of your wedding celebration. A customized wedding dance for your special song includes training in tempo, choreography, floor craft, patterns and technique. Let us play a part in your important day and present you with a delightful wedding dance that will thrill your guests with its elegance and splendor.

We understand some of you may not have any experience in dancing. You may never have taken any dance lessons before, or you are not good dancers. A choreographer will create a fantastic dance tailored only for you based on your abilities. You will be amazed how easy and fun it is to create united movements for your important day. For those who are in a rush or need to survive the wedding, even one lesson is better than just trying to wing it. For those who are not shy about making your wedding dance unique, our choreographer will create advanced moves and skills that exceed your guests expectations and rock the reception.

First Dance

Classic Jive First Dance

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Bridal Party

The bridal party is also where you can have fun and share the festivities with exciting dances. Nowadays, many couples chose Latin dances. Even Tango is a great option.

First Dance
First Dance
Wedding Dance Shoes
Happy Dancing

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Wedding Dance 101

Formal Dance

Fall in love with ballroom dance. First Dance is once in a life time dance. Go formal.

Informal Dance

Social dance is a perfect option to have fun to celebrate your wedding.

White Roses
Happy Wedding

Our services include

Bride & Groom First Dance/Father of Bride & Bride Dance/Mother of Groom & Groom Dance/ Parents of Bride & Groom Dance/Bridal Party Dances/Group Dances

Wedding Flash Mob

Get your friends and family. Studio Twelve Twelve will help your project.

Benefit of Private Lessons

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