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Twelve Twelve

Southern Maryland

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Dancing is fun and cool. Also, it can be a tool to promote and improve your health, which is supported by numerous studies. Take advantage of the benefits. Uplift and empower yourself to be healthy. Below are the testimonial statements from our students of all ages.

Studiio Twelve Twelve guides you to learn coordination, balance, self-expression, physical movement, making rapid decisions, connectivity, sportsmanship, discipline, based on your needs and abilities. It is never too late to start and there is no need to put off your desire to dance without a partner.

Recommendation for Solo Female

Take ballroom/Latin dance Lessons first

Focus on dance technique

Learn social dance later

Solo Dancers

Recommendation for Solo Male

White Cranes Dancing

Take social dance lessons first

Focus on allowing your muscles to breathe and leading a partner

Learn ballroom/Latin dance later